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New Clip Saturday: “E3, we hardly knew Ye” Edition

A little late (again) but today we bring you tidings from E3 of yore. RIP oh Holy Ground of Gaming.
E3 06 Intro
E3 06 Prey Preview
E3 06 Peter Moore Interview
E3 06 Nintendo Booth Report
E3 06 Microsoft Booth Report

Sorry for the skipping in these videos, again, we’re working to get a new capture unit going. Stop by the forums if you know of any good USB capture cards or capture programs.

BONUS ROUND! Saved from G4’s online archive!

E3 04 – Pulse Daily Live Show: Day 1
E3 04 – Pulse Daily Live Show Day 2
E3 04 – Pulse Daily Live Show Day 3
G4TV.com E3 04 Preview (AKA KnuxSonic’s 15 mins of Fame)
E3 04 Preview Show – Hosted by Victor Lucas

And you say G4 Rewind doesn’t love you. For shame! Go roll around in the digital nostalgia!


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