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G4 is Back + Stream Updates

It’s been awhile since I updated the site – same excuses as every few years… busy with work/life, but also there’s TONS of G4 content on YouTube now you can find and they don’t seem to be banning/deleting it like they used to, so there’s been a lesser need for this site.

And oh yeah, G4 is coming back? I guess? It’s hard to say what new-G4 will be but will be interesting to watch.

That being said, I’ve gone ahead and revived our old 24/7 livestream of old G4 content. You can watch the livestream at the Unofficial G4 Discord or on dlive. I realize dlive is a haven for the worst people on the planet, but my theory is that maybe they won’t ban us because it’s a smaller site. In the past we’ve tried this stream on YouTube, Twitch and UStream but gotten banned every time for streaming copyrighted content.

As an added bonus, you can now vote on what show you want to see next in the stream, if you join the Discord and head to the #stream-chat subchannel, polls will launch about 2 mins before the current show ends. More soon, maybe.


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