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Free Stuff – Part 2 | YOU could be a winner!

Free Stuff, Part 2? Well, it looks like it. This once “one time event” seems like it’s making a comeback. Looking at the Free Stuff website, G4 will be holding another Free Stuff event again on Friday, April 6th at 10pm ET AND 10pm PT. In response to the overwhelming reaction from the first Free Stuff event, G4’s learned from its mistakes and “upgraded” their hardware to cope with the likely increase in traffic to its website. Hopefully everyone will have a fair chance now, including those who griped about the fact that the previous Free Stuff aired at 4:30pm PT, a time when many are still at work.

So go ahead, the cat’s out of the bag, and get ready for the next Free Stuff. It’s happening next week so get ready to win, win, win. Or atleast, I hope I win. 😉

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Thanks to Graham Brunk for the tip.


(This post originally from former G4 Rewind contributor “proscribed”)

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