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Exclusive: Bill Sindelar to Return to G4

Not only does former Blister host Bill Sindelar apparently read G4 Rewind, he also knows our email and dropped us a line:

“Just wanted you guys to be the first to know, seeing as you’re the old-schoolers. I’ll be back on G4 in July in a new series “MyShow TV” (dunno if that name is final yet) which will basically be a half hour long mash up of viewer submitted bits, stunts, sketches and other outrageous or funny videos from the community. I like to think of it as the “America’s Funniest Videos” for guys and gamers. I’ll be serving as the host for the in between segments and maybe I’ll even throw in a few Blister jokes for those of you that remember. Hope you guys enjoy it, see you this summer.”

I ALMOST deleted this thinking it was spam (the subject line was “Guess who”) but the return address was from billsindelar.com. It looks like it will basically be like AOTS’ “YouTube Star of the Week” but probably apart from YouTube to keep away from legal issues?

Look for the official announcement from G4 sometime this week! Good luck Mr. S!



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