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Live Show?

I’ve been getting into livestreaming a lot lately, so decided to test out a G4 “community” show. I’ll be running a test episode this Thursday, 1/28 at 8PM Central Time. I’ll be talking about the latest @G4TV rumors/news, highlight some #G4 fan-made content, and do a deep dive on the history of Arena. Plus, live calls about whatever you want to talk about!
The working name is the most ridiculous name I could come up with, packed with the most G4-references “Attack of the Unofficial G4 Underground Community Pulse: The Show! – A Prungles Player$ Guide”.

This is a test so there may be some technical issues, mainly just seeing if things work and if there’s any appetite from the community for this type of thing.

Watch on twitch at http://twitch.tv/g4rewind

Hope to see you in chat,

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