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Happy Birthday G4

Today is G4’s FIFTH, that’s 5th, birthday. Almost forgot, thanks to _proscribed for pointing it out. So, celebrate by watching some oldies. While you’re at it, brush up on your G4 history (it’s pretty accurate) [ … ]

Best of AOTS next week

It appears that AOTS will be in “best of” mode next week according to the G4 schedule. http://www.g4tv.com/attackoftheshow/schedule/index.html It looks like Monday will be a repeat or continuation of the Amsterdam saga, Tuesday actually looks [ … ]

PereiraWatch 2007

While we’re left to wallow in guest hosts that. talk. like. they’re. reading. from. a. poorly. written. cue. card., Kevin Pereira is in, you guessed it, Hawaii. He’s updated his moblog with some pictures/videos from [ … ]