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What’s New?

The site is finally getting some love after being up and down for years.

Restoring 15 Year Old Posts

I’m working on restoring EVERY SINGLE old post to the site – it’s an arduous process as I’m essentially going to the Internet Archive, copying old posts from G4 Rewind from 15 years ago, and then pasting them into WordPress again and backdating them, but once it’s done I’ll make them easier to find as the site isn’t really set up at the moment to search.

Live Show Rolls On

The “Unofficial G4 Community” live show is going strong, we had our 3rd episode last week with a special guest co-host! I’ve rebooted the G4 Rewind YouTube page (it was banned years ago for posting G4 videos) and I’ll be posting the full episodes there. Going forward we’ll do these shows once a month and hopefully we’ll get some more special guests. Also toying with the idea of uploading some old G4 stuff there – but I feel many others have this covered already.

Best of B4G4

Now that G4 is back putting out content semi-regularly, I’ve started editing together the best pieces into a “Best of B4G4” compilation, these will come out monthly or so on the YouTube page – here’s the first one.

What’s the Use of this Site Going Forward?

I’m shifting focus away from posting G4 videos into posting historical info on shows, people and the network. My reasoning is that there are TONS of amazing people out there archiving, converting and posting G4 videos on YouTube and Comcast/YouTube seem to be allowing that now – no one really needs to come to G4 Rewind anymore to find videos. I think the gap needed is a historical record – I see some great oral history out there on the web but it’s all disconnected and scattered. It would be great to have a place that pulls all that together – so look for the return of show pages, host pages, and eventually some video-based “history of” mini-docs.

That’s it for now. If you’re not in the new G4 Official Discord, you should be! It’s just like the old IRC days except now you can post gifs!


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