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G4 is not back

Welp, G4 is dead again, thanks to Comcast doing the Comcast thing it does. But I did get contracted to make some fun interstitials for the network and it was a lot of fun while it lasted. Will this site ever get updated? Probably not – there’s tons of people posting old G4 stuff to youtube, hunting down those VHS tapes, streaming old episodes and from people who have more time to do it than I do anymore. There’s not a huge need for a site like this anymore – although I would like to maybe do a more comprehensive wiki that documents the actual history, behind and front of the cameras someday. Maybe in time for G4’s third coming?

In the meantime the G4 Discord is alive and well and safe from deletion, a great resource for finding thing or asking dumb questions like “What year did Cheat! change it’s logo again??”

-KnuxSonic (beemop)

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