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No Immy next Week; Studio move details?

Two tidbits for y’alls.

1 – AOTS host, Kevin Pereira, will be absent next week, he’s taking a week off for personal reasons. G4 Rewind will be camping outside his apartment to get the inside scoop, be sure to join us next week for “ImmyWatch 2007.” No word on who will guest host. Supertroopers stars will guest host… next week…. um… yeah. WTF?

2 – The G4 move into E! studios looks like it will actually take place over next weekend, probably about the time as the 4/20 Specials. Also, no word on if AOTS & X-Play will be in reruns the following week or what. We’ll probably find out next Thursday.

That’s it. Go Away.


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