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G4 Studios evacuated after bomb threat [UPDATE]

Destructoid (who’s editors often appear on The Loop) got a tip from employees a few hours ago that the G4 offices/studios were evacuated due to a bomb threat.

The G4 production offices at 12312 Olympic Blvd. were evacuated this morning in response to the discovery of a suspicious device within the building and authorities were immediately called on site. After investigating the situation and taking all safety precautions, it was determined to be a non-threatening device and employees were safe to return to the building.

Police searched the building and apparently found nothing, so it was most likely a hoax. No idea if this will effect production of today’s shows.

UPDATE: Destructoid has discovered that the supposed bomb was actually a prop bomb owned by G4. A case of mistaken identity or did someone want a 3 hour lunch break?

Source: Destructoid


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