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PereiraWatch 2007 Part Deux

Mr. Pereira has posted more info on his MySpace about his whereabouts:

To put the MySpace and Message board rumors to rest:

I have not quit G4.
I have not been fired.
I have not perished.

Sorry to dissapoint anyone with any of the above statements. Originally Attack of the Show was going to be dark (read: not taping) this week due to our studio switch, so I took the week off to celebrate my parent’s 30th anniversary in Hawaii. Things changed, calandars were shuffled, and somehow I ended up on an island called Maui while shows were still being taped! For shame!

While lying around today fighting a sinus infection, I decided to upload some photos of the happiness and relaxation that has ensued. So enjoy, won’t you?

See you all very soon, thanks for the messages, and I assure you I miss you all more than you claim to miss me! 🙂

So the studios WERE supposed to be moving this week as we originally reported. No idea if/when it will happen now.


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