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New Clip Friday: Hodge Podge Edition

Another week, another slew of clips. G4 Rewind working for you… blah blah blah, where’s MY fansites?!

AOTS Intro (Newer Version)
Sweat Clip (Tour de France)
Filter Clip+Credits (Halo)

Also: twister from the forums found a MEGATON of G4 videos which are just sitting on G4’s site unlinked to anything. Check out this thread for links to literally hundreds of old G4 videos. Get them now, who knows when G4 will catch on and remove them.

Here’s a few we saved and uploaded:

E3 ’03 – Pulse Day 1 Clip 2
E3 ’03 – Pulse Day 1 Clip 3
E3 ’03 – Pulse Day 2 Clip 1


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