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The End of G4? Not yet…

Comcast has decided to let E! network manage G4.


Basically, the network has a new CEO. What he plans on doing though is still up in the air, the article says they might move out of the G4 studios due to how expensive they are, however they are using all the space they have, so maybe not.

G4’s website refutes the “Death of G4” spin that some websites have given this move, explaining that it’s no more than an administrative move. Some layoffs are possible where jobs overlap.

However if there is one bad thing to be taken from this, it’s this quote from the new CEO.

“I do agree with the vision of going after young men more than just going after gaming,” Mr. Harbert said. “Gaming has been demonstrated as being too narrow.”

The slow painful decline of gaming TV continues after these messages.

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