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Pardon our Dust

Some general updates to the site:

1) The navigation banner at the top is being worked on, so it’s funky on all the other pages. I’m aware the contact button doesn’t work too.

2) All the show clips are going to also begin appearing with the show bios. You can see it now on the AOTS page, the Pulse page, etc. The media page is being updated to better categorize the videos which will link to a each show’s media page.

3) All the videos that are captured by G4 Rewind are going to begin having watermarks. This isn’t because we hate you, it’s because some people have been tossing our videos around the web without giving credit. It will also help bring some traffic back to G4 Rewind for those who see our videos elsewhere (see: YouTube) and want to see more. If you need a video without a watermark for a project or something, email me and I’ll send you it. Videos captured by others or downloaded off other sites will still be watermark free.

4) I’ve added an “About G4 Rewind” section with an FAQ.

5) The plan right now is to default all the videos to an embedded player and then offer the download of the video as secondary link. If you hate this, then post in the forums now.

Thats it, Happy Wednesday.


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