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New Clip Friday: Embed it into your brain

I’ve uploaded a lot of our older clips to YouTube and Dailymotion but you bastards are still my favorites. Here’s this week’s offerings.

Watch What You Play ads – The series of G4 promos that had the wacky faces and the random sayings.
Mecha promo + Pulse Headlines + Oddworld – The mecha promo is just weird, followed by a Pulse Headlines segment and one of those Oddworld promos with G4
Pulse clip – A giant (111 MB!) 8 minute clip from Pulse, featuring “Xbox Next.”

It should be mentioned that all of today’s offerings are from Airkix’s kickass DVD he sent us. The file sizes are much larger because these things have great quality to them.

In related news, G4 Rewind has gone digital! I have a DVD recorder now so all new videos will be high quality as well! Rejoice?!


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