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Network Round-up: G4 picks up two new (old) series

This is old news to most, but G4 has picked up Conan O’Brien dropout “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog” and FOX/Comedy Central abandonee “Banzai”. Both will begin airing in March. This continues the current G4 trend of increasing focus on outsourced content.

To our knowledge right now, the only shows that are still being produced in-house at G4 are Attack of the Show, Icons, Cinematech and X-Play. Icons, at last check, was still set to begin it’s new season this Spring (but with a broader focus on content), as will The Electric Playground. Cheat!’s status is still TBD.

The removal of the slogan “Videogame TV” is nearly complete, only left in a few spots on the website (the title of the main site page) and on older ads on the network. Still no date on when/if the network will be relaunched (for the 4th time). Also no word on the status of G-Phoria 2006, or if such a thing will exist.

Lastly most of the web team has left/laid off as evident with the increasing lack of updates to the site and forums. The_D, Chickytown and countless other longtime G4 webteam employees have quietly exited. The AOTS blog, however, is still being frequently updated.

More news as it breaks!

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