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More “Free $tuff” details

G4’s newsletter has spilled the beans on the “Free $tuff” promotion/show we reported on earlier. It appears it’s going to be a one-time experiment where they’ll review various gadgets then give them away, through some type of online component (the ad mentions to “keep your laptop handy”). They’ll air it this Friday at 7:30 PM EST. Prizes include camcorders, Nintendo Wii, and PS3 right now but they also mention artwork, clothing and other various gadgets.

Read up more on it here.

This sounds similar to TBS’s Midnight Madness, which was really a money making scheme where viewers texted, called in and went online to appear on a gameshow and were charged per call/text, but the ad mentions nothing of phone use. Maybe it’s a moving sale of sorts? Or maybe G4 is just feeling really nice?

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