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Longtime G4/Allgames producer/host Jim Downs leaves/fired

Jim Downs, producer of Attack of the Show, former host of Pulse, former co-host on the All Games Network and countless other roles has either left or been fired from G4 according to the latest episode (EP84) of Kevin Rose’s Diggnation podcast. Skip to the last 3 minutes of the show to hear the clip.

Jim Downs was largely responsible for the last leg of The Screen Savers (after Alex Albrecht, Yoshi etc. were laid off), and the transition to Attack of the Show. Jim Downs is also credited by former host of Arena Wil Wheaton as being the the reason he left the network.

Longtime TechTV and TSS member Josh Brentano and Gavin Purcell move up in Jim Down’s place.

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UPDATE: According to G4 web team member Gringo in a recent interview on Allgames, Jim Downs left under his own power.


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