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G4 Rewind Preview Launches!

Welcome to G4 Rewind! The site is finally (sorta) up and (sorta) working. There’s a lot of stuff that isn’t done, infact the only working section as of now is the shows section and there’s still some shows not done yet. Basically I wanted to get the site up and running to get some feedback and more input from vistors.

If you’ve found an infomational error on the site (i.e. wrong air times, wrong host names, etc) then please post in this thread on the forums. Please do not post any 404 (page not found) errors or broken image errors as those won’t be cleared up until the site is entirely done. Also, if you are using IE, there’s various fonts and image problems (particularly with PNG’s) some of which I’ll try and fix, but don’t expect it to come fast. I suggest you get Firefox anywho, I’m sure everyone tells you that.

If you would like to help us out, please post this board on the forums. Right now we need write ups on the reamining shows and all of the hosts! That’s a lot of work so the more people that help, the faster we’ll get it done. All contributors will get credit for their work, so please help out if you can!

There’s also makeshift media files and videos on the forums (and you don’t even have to register!) so go there for downloadable bliss for now.


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