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G4 dumps a slew of shows

Now before you go off and running and saying “AOTS is teh canceled!!11”, it isn’t, and neither is any other major G4 program. Earlier this month, G4 started to pull many of the smaller shows off the schedule. The list below names the shows dropped:

-Action Blast! (essentially Paid Programming, but it was listed as a G4 program)
-Happy Tree Friends
-(G4’s) Late Night Peepshow
-Ed the Sock’s Night Party
Also, in December, G4 dropped:
-Game Makers
-Electric Playground

Eight shows, none of G4’s flagship programming. This mainly affects the Midnight Spank late night block, as three of its programs were pulled and the majority of their time slots replaced with Cheaters or The Block reruns.

It’s also surprising to see Filter dropped again but it could be on hiatus as there were only 13 or so episodes this season and there’s only so much you can rerun them (The same can also go for Banzai which also only had a limited amount of episodes.). As always, stayed tuned to G4 Rewind for any updates.

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In my opinion, it seems to me that every time G4 brings on a new show (in this case, The Block, for example), a few other shows quietly get the axe. With Code Monkeys coming up soon, what could be next (if any)?

Also as a note, I complied this list to the best of my knowledge. If I forgot anything, made a mistake, or just screwed up somehow, let me know in the comments.

(originally posted by G4 Rewind contributor “proscribed”)

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