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Confirmed: G4 studios to close; Operations moving to E!; Layoffs ensue

Mecha, our flamboyant reporter from Canada is once again dropping the megatonz. He has given us confirmation that G4 Studios in Santa Monica, CA will be closing as of April 15th and many employees will be laid off, especially those in production. The remaining operations will be merged into E!’s studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Former G4 hosts Laura Foy & Scot Rubin confirmed this, once again, on the All Games Interactive netcast. I’ve clipped the part of the show where they talk about it. You can catch the whole interview starting at timestamp 1:36:49 on the Feb. 23 2007 show of AGI.

What does this mean for production of all G4’s shows? At the very least, expect new sets, but more drastic changes are surely coming. We’ll report more as we hear it, but get ready for another round of major changes, perhaps more so than ever before.

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UPDATE: According to Capt. Immy himself (aka Kevin Pereira): As of right now, it means a new set. That’s about it. Oh, that, and I’ll be delivering Seacrest’s morning coffee.

Soy-Chai-Latte. For the record.

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