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AOTS Reboot “The Attack” growing, but not fast enough

“The Attack” host Alex Corea took to Reddit recently to address fan concerns about the future of the show, which draws gobs of inspiration from G4’s Attack of the Show! including being created by Kevin Pereira. Pereira had commented on-air that “this is still my company for the next 8 weeks.” Pereira was likely referring to “Super Creative,” a production company he created in 2012 which produces “The Attack.” Corea posted:

Kevin was stating that we are still not making enough money. That being said, that’s literally always been the case. Our show has never made enough money. We have done it at a loss since day one in the hopes that it will one day pay for itself.

That self-sufficiency didn’t happen… yet. We slowly realized that it was a time game. The more we did the show, the more people started to slowly get on board. And for a show that started with 300 people, almost getting 2000 concurrent viewers every show is monumental growth.

The Attack has a diverse support structure, obtaining funding from donations via Patreon & Twitch as well as traditional sponsors, but despite being a highly-produced (and thus likely expensive) live show, it’s yet to strike fire in terms of it’s audience size on Twitch. Corea goes on to ask fans to spread the word:

Naturally, I can’t say everything will be fine FOR SURE, but I am committed to not only keeping the show running on the scale that it’s in, but ALSO making it more accessible, more popular, and ultimately more entertaining. And I think we can do it. The overall message is, I, by definition, can’t do it alone.

Tell a friend, tell two friends, tell your grandmother. I know it’s tough putting your tastes out on the line like that, but it will help make sure we can keep pushing forward with our little show-speriment.

It’s been a rough go of it for Pereira lately, whom also had been pinged to create original shows for Lionsgate & San Diego Comic Con’s new “Comic-Con HQ” streaming service last year, but was dropped abruptly in October.

The Attack streams Wednesdays and Fridays at 4PM PST on Twitch. You can also support The Attack via Patreon.

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