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AOTS Guest “Hosts” All Week

Get ready for a week of medicority as AOTS will be guest hosted all week long as Kevin and Olivia go “on assignment” elsewhere. Yeah okay.

Zach Selwyn is a lucky guy. This week, Mr. Selwyn will be hosting Attack of the Show! with a bevy of hot hotties the likes of which the small screen has never seen before.

On Monday: prepare to meet the real LonelyGirl15 –Jessica Rose is making the jump from YouTube star to TV host! Tuesday brings Missy Peregrym who you know from Heroes. Rachel Specter is on hand for humpday, and while you may not know the name, she’s the woman from the RGX ad who wants to smell you from this… close. Thursday’s Attack will be hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb in a piece of G4 crossover madness, and we’re bringing it all back home on Friday, when The Feed’s own Layla Kayleigh hosts the show with Zach.

Update 4/3: Looks like Missy has pulled out as Layla is now hosting today with Zach.

Sounds like a week to miss if you ask me. Seriously, do you honestly think the chick from the deodorant ads knows anything about Xbox 360 or the new iPod? I doubt it. Thursday’s show with Webb & Sessler should be good, but otherwise, G4 Rewind recommends to check out some Fresh Prince reruns instead this week.


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