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All Games Interactive G4 interviews

Mega G4 fanboi Mecha sent/clipped a few G4 interviews from Scot Rubin’s All Games Interactive so here they are.

Interview #1 with Gringo – The real meat starts about half way through the episode; Gringo works on the G4 web team. During the interview, he mentions that he is still working on getting episodes of Portal on the web, however the delay is due to the fact that it’s mostly a side project. They touch on a lot of general G4 history and even more All Games history. Gringo also states that Jim Downs left on his own accord, reasons not stated.

Interview #2 with Cory Rouse of Cheat! – Lots of little trivia, the original list of show names, reasons behind the Pringles branding & more.

All of this is culled from All Games.

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