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G4 News

Former G4 Producer/Host Jim Downs Passes Away

Jim Downs, former producer of G4 shows such as Arena and Pulse, passed away last week on July 8th. Here’s an excerpt posted by Jim’s friend and original G4 co-creator Scott Rubin on Facebook:

“19 years ago, you helped turn a video game TV dream into reality. You taught me so much. You were a man with many, many talents and gifts. Absolutely one of the smartest, funniest people I’ve ever been around. It was fascinating to hear your passion and knowledge about so many diverse and sometimes obscure topics. It was an incredible journey and I’m grateful for all the memories I have in my heart and on video tape. You will be missed Jim Downs.”

Since G4, Jim was working for a motorcycle enthusiast website called “RideApart.” He died in an accident while riding an ATV in Alaska. He was 43.


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